Just South of Gihon Album CoverJust South of Gihon (Music & Lyrics by Chris Rayis, Book by Ami Shibasaki) depicts the saga of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, outlaws of the early twentieth century, in a fictional setting. Much of the story surrounds the pursuit of Bonnie and Clyde by Officer Frank Hamer, a Texas Ranger whose intense focus on justice detracts from his capacity as a husband and father to his wife, Helen, and son, James. Gihon follows the outlaw couple Bonnie and Clyde alongside the virtuous Frank and Helen through moments of revenge, revelation, and, ultimately, redemption.

This recording of Just South of Gihon is the companion album to the original Nashville production (Feb. 3-5, 2012) and features the complete original cast.

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1. Let Me Come/Epilogue

2. Little/Miss/Parker

3. The Opinion of the West Dallas Public in the Autumn of 1931

4. Love Duet

5. Genesis

6. Metamorphosis

7. The Officers’ Lament

8. Love Soliloquies

9. A Final Prayer

10. The Fall of Man

11. Carried Home

12. 1929

13. The Baptism of Mr. Hamer

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